Sunday 17 January 2016

My Visit to Simon De Senlis School

I teach English at Al-Bireh Primary school and there has been a partnership between Northampton and Al-Bireh for a while now. Through my visit, I was able to go Simon De Senlis and meet the staff and the head teacher. The school was very big and beautifu- I had a chance to talk to the fifth grade students (which has our twinning group) about Palestine and raise awareness about the current status. I spoke to them about my students in Al-Bireh Primary School and the way they learn and spend their school day.

Then, our twinning group took us on a tour to the school. We sat together and I gave them the letters I have from the Palestinian Students. I also had some presents, they loved it. I would like to thank them for their hospitality and kindness. I would like to thank Kate for helping me all the time. I am looking forward to working with the school in
the future.

Saturday 18 October 2014

Adam and Anas visit Northampton

In early October,  CADFA's  youth visit brought school students from Abu Dis and Beit Leed  to London and the north of England.  For one evening. Adam and Anas visited Northampton. They gave a talk about their lives about young people under the occupation and did very well! 
Their project blog is HERE.

As part of their visit they went to schools and youth clubs. This is a picture of them and school students at a school in Pendle, Lancashire.

Pictures from a great meeting in Northampton can be added here...

Saturday 22 February 2014

Welcome to Northampton!

Greetings to everyone joining the Women In Action project! We are very excited that you are coming to Northampton for the first four days of the project, and we have exciting plans for you to meet local women and the members of our Northampton Al-Bireh (Palestine) Friendship Association. You will have a nice experience of British hospitality from the very first day, as you will be staying overnight (in pairs) with our members and supporters on 28 February. Then we are moving to Grendon Hall for three nights: a big house in the country, with lovely gardens. Let's hope it stops raining!!

Monday 17 February 2014

Fundraising for the Women's visit in Feb,2014

Me(Suzan) and Safia went on the 10th, Feb to Northampton by Invitation from Julia( she work in this twinning group) to give a speech about the life in general in Palestine under the Israeli occupation.

Actually they were so organized and they have done a great job by creating the evening event in a restaurant and they have invited more than 60 people who were interested to hear and to know more about Palestine.
I have given a speech for more than 10 min, I talked about the suffering in my land in general, and then I talked also about Gaza strip, And finally about the women who will come soon to this city, then Julia talked more about this visit deeply.
Safia have talked about being an EVS (European Voluntary Service) in the UK, and her experience and what she has learned shortly.
I'm impressed honestly of the activities which have done during the dinner event, Ala'( Palestinian man who lives there) has done the auction for a Palestinian products and he has really done well , I think he has sense of marketing some how ;)
Hasaneen ( another man who helps in this twinning group) has offered some of the ruffles,and he had helped a lot .
I don't want to forget any names but all the people there who help in this twinning all were great and well organized.
They all were looking to host the 15 women from Palestine in a lovely generous way.
As a Palestinian woman, I would love to thank all of those people there who really show me how much respect and love they give for the Palestinian .


Friday 27 December 2013


Information on the Northampton Al Bireh link - over a year old now, and active in lots of ways..

CADFA volunteer visit 2013...

Common Ground project visit August 2013 ...

Hosting the Twinning Network Conference November 2013... and hosting visitors from Al Bireh Municipality.

NEXT BIG EVENTS will be around the Women in Action women's visit March 2014

Watch this space! And keep your diary clear on the evening of Monday March 3rd to meet our Palestinian women visitors from Al Bireh (and others).

northampton visit . - by the CADFA volunteers

We left london on 5th of jun at 11 o’clock , we left from Euston station to arrive Northampton at 11:43 to met Julia,Kate,margaret .

We walked into Northampton town center , we met John R and then we went to pizza express for lunch .
We were 7 people with NABPFA members .

John R showed us The Guildhall and gave us an amazing explanation of the history of The Guildhall

We went to the market .

Then we went to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which has the same name as the church in Jerusalem .
it is a round church which is unusual in England . it was built at the time of the Crusades .

after we went to the shoes museum . indeed Northampton is well – known for shoes manufacturing .

in the evening we came to the Quaker Meeting House to have a public meeting , it was successful around 40 attended. The chairman of the NABPFA introduced this meeting and then Sabrina started to talk about CADFA and her volunteering. Then Amer shared his life in palestine as a refugee in New Asker Camp